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Financial News In the U.S.A.

Sue Lovejoy. September 24, 2013. WFD World News reports - U.S. home prices rising! It's a buyer's market!- - A quote from Reuters.com... "NEW YORK - U.S. home prices slowed their rate of gains in July and a dip in consumer confidence this month underscored the potential for higher borrowing costs and a sluggish economy to dent a housing market recovery."


Sue Lovejoy. September 24, 2013. What does this mean to the common "Joe/Jane"? Well that really depends on how bad do you want to be a home owner! People, let's face it, this is the 2000's not the 1900's and costs are costs. If we all start "stopping" our major commerce, what do you expect the economy to do!?! What's the ole' saying? It takes money to make money? Let's go back to the basics here, if the number one security in our lives is our home, then why are we so aprehensive to do what it takes to be a financially sound America? So what if you do or dont like the current political administration, why are we, the American People allowing political opinion determine our everyday walk? Remember the years that we got crazy about politics mostly every 4 years, when the excitement of an election came about! Lets go back to the basics, lets not allow political rederic to rule our lives, lets get back into the grove and make this county THE one that the rest of the world looks at AGAIN drooling! It is time for America to start putting right things first and things that are not on the top 10 most important things in life on the back burner like we used too, lets not worry so much about the games politicians play and start living what is NOT a game, life! for our children, their children and their children! Go buy YOUR home!

Company Rises With Its Credit Rating - August 02, 2010 - Manufacturer's recovering profit warrants upgrade from S&P, but could also create stiffer demands from employees.

Acme Tillers Signals Pain For Company Pockets - August 02, 2010 - Stock option play hints at further erosion in firm's shares. Competitors see more bullish action.

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U.S. News

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Sparks from saw started forest wildfire - August 02, 2010 - Investigators determine group of men for caused the recent wildfire from sparks caused while cutting metal. Officials from the ...

Law enforcement looks for escaped 'Wild Bandit' - August 02, 2010 - Federal law enforcement agencies launch nationwide search for escaped criminal dubbed the Wild Bandit. They announced that ...

Government takes wrong approach to handle reduction - August 02, 2010 - Despite the goals of political response to the recent natural catastrophe, government leaders continue to fight and end up taking the wrong approach ...