Natural Healing Methods


Bok Choy

Bok Choy is very high in Vitamines A and C... link to greens page



Kale is very high in iodine... link to greens page



High in Vitamine C and can help protect the lining of the digestive tract... link to greens page



a nutrient-rich food, high in chlorophyll, vitamins and micronutrients... link to greens page


News Heading

a great source of folate, fiber and vitamin K... link to greens page


Why would we eat foods that heal? First of all, they are just plain good for you! Foods were given when God made the earth. He supplied us with everything we need to sustain us. He gave us foods to heal us, He gave us foods to simply enjoy His great creations. Green vegies are super high in Vitamin A along with fiber for the digestive tract. There are plants that you and I see as "weeds" but plants like the Mustard Plant, pick those bottom tender leaves, yum yum and they are very good for the digestive tract and are high in Vitamin A and C... This site is to teach us how to heal our own bodies, through the use of delicous foods that are completely natural, without man made medicine when ever possible.

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