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  1. Product Caption-

The most innovated storage/charging system for the i-devices ever!

  1. Micro description –

A USB that will blow your mind! It’s not just a charger, it’s not just storage! It’s a have to have, need it for my every need with my i-devices, storage device, and much more.

  1. Small paragraph description

Transfer files within devices while recharging all of my devices? And so much storage! One can even carry this amazing product in their pocket! Can’t live without your i-products? Well, this product we just cannot live without for this amazing 128 gigs of storage! WOW!

  1. Article

Linky Chargy Easy Quicky

Charging your iphone right from your ipad along with exterior storage, how could anyone ask for more?!

The way technology has advanced in this day and age, the popularity of the iPhone and the iPad, we need the fastest, most efficient and while we are thinking about it, the most attractive means possible, along with the greatest of convenience! We have just the right product for you. Linky Chargy Easy Quicky makes all of these attributes possible with simply a linking of one cable.  This technology is so innovative that we expect this item to gain popularity so fast that we cannot keep them in our store houses so get yours right! This smart looking little usb will give you more durability in your charging system by giving you a greater amount of leverage when traveling, going to the coffee house, and getting information from one device to the other during meetings or even in preparation of a presentation, therefore gaining very valuable time. How frustrating it is when we have to “hunt down” an electrical plug because the iPhone battery has gone dead, with our product, the Linky Chargy Easy Quicky, your problems are solved and what a time saver. Face it, today we are a people of technology and convenience, and how we can’t stress enough the need for efficiency. With our product, one can be sure to have the most up to date and most reliable charging system, made just for you, the consumer. Oh did we mention that our device can charge from ANY usb port, mac/laptop, or even our iphone?
How many times have you had to search down a plug in the airport? What a hassle! No more of this problem, you will carry your entire charging system with you in a tiny pouch! Talk about easy. With Linky Chargy Easy Qucky, your charging problems are solved, simply plug into your iPad and voila!
Now here is the clincher. This amazing strap will allow you to carry it everywhere you go with its convenient size, in your pocket, in your briefcase, in your desk drawer at the office, making your abilities even more limitless with your multiple devices.  When you need to transfer files or presentations from one device to another, problem solved, with our unique data sync feature, there is ease of action, and listen to this, on top of all of that, this  small device carries a whopping 128 Gigabytes of memory built right in, thus no more need to search out exterior memory. Order yours now! One for your office, one for your carrying case, one for your pocket and the list goes on!
With the newest of wonderful technology, Smart Watches are on the top of the “Hot Topic” list and carrying these unique “Chargers” is just the right solution.


  1. Email pitch –

Hi there!
For so long, I have been perplexed about charging all of these i-products and am an avid iPhone, iPad, iAnything user, Well I found the solution! Please take a look at this video
You ready to solve the problem of storage for your iPhone, iPad and other i-devices?
Well! Here’s the solution to our problem!
Please join us in our kickstart program and help us take this idea from concept to reality.
We believe our product will bring to life a whole new meaning to charging and storage operations within the i-device system. Feel free to write about our newest and most innovative gadget on your own blogs and let’s get the word out and make it happen.
With the newest of wonderful technology, Smart Watches are on the top of the “Hot Topic” list and carrying these unique “Chargers” is just the right solution.

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