We are survivors! We are SuRvIvOrS! We are SURVIVORS!

I am Sue Lovejoy and I am a Survivor! When I was 37 years old, I was pronounced with Stage 4 Cancer. I was so weak and frail by that time, I don't know that I remember even wanting to continue living, all i knew was that my family needed me. All of this was devastating to my family and friends. I was in the hospital for some time and was introduced to the California Cancer Center in Fresno, California.

My children were very young and my oldest son would carry me to the couch, and my youngest daughter and son did everything they could to help. When I went home from the hospital, my friends and family took very good care of me right down to the dollar sized pancakes they made me eat a hundred times a day... ha ha ha.

I remember the first day I didn't have "Harry" (that mechanism that carries one's IV's)! That might have been one of the most exciting days of my life! I couldn't wait to carry my own purse! The most definitive part of recovery is your support system! One can sit and get a little strange in their own head.

There are a thousand reasons that I am including these pages in this website, The Cancer Centers of America need all the help they can get, financially, spiritually and any other way your imaginations can come up with, mine is using my business pages to the benefit of as many people I can share it with. You will find lots of information within these pages, and my heart's hope is for you to realize the importance of our own love for humanity and give of ourselves in any way we have the means of.

I know that God was right there with us the whole time.He brought us through a very rough time in our lives, and to this day, I give thanks for my very life, that I might serve God.

Sue Lovejoy